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Cleanse and Detox programs

Antiparasitic cleanse and detoxification of the organism with natural plants products.


Gelmostop program cleans intestines, liver, blood, lymph, destroying up to 100 species of parasites in all stages of their development, helping liver and immune system. It contains completely natural substances, it is highly effective and harmless to the organism. In addition to cleansing the body, the program normalizes the function of organs attacked by parasites. The program helps to establish normal intestinal flora, normalize the acidity of body fluids, so that the organism becomes unfavorable environment for the development of the parasite. Contains 7 items : "Heracle" (3 pcs.), "Atlant plus", "Indol Plus", "Hepatocholan" (2 pcs.), "Vitaspektar XL", "Unkaria" (2 pcs.), "Richfiber". Use: Phase 1: 10 days Accelerating the outflow of bile, cleansing the intestines, stimulating the...


Program " Gelmostop-mini " reduces the degree of infestation by many parasites, stimulates anti-parasite immunity, eliminates allergic reactions caused by parasites, is recommended for the prevention of parasitosis, effective at a low degree of invasiveness of parasitosis. Recommended for children. Contain: Heracle kills most parasites at different stages of development, enhances and accelerates the removal of bile helminths, antiparasitic stimulates immunity, activates the liver clearance process toxins produced by parasites. Unkaria has an antiparasitic effect against some forms of young helminths, accelerates the healing of ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane as a result of parasites, eliminates allergic reactions caused by parasites. Richfiber provides a complete cleaning...
Immune program

Immune program

A full course of strengthening immunity. Formula balance plus First aid for colds, quickly relieves symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose. It stimulates the immune system, it helps counter the seasonal infections (influenza). The source of vitamins and calcium. Speeds recovery from illness. Increases the body's defenses Vitaspektr-C to strengthen all parts of immunity. It has antiviral effect. Two capsules contain 3 daily allowance of fast utilizable natural forms of vitamin C increases the body's resistance. Provides recovery from colds 3-4 days. Vitaspektr-XL The best remedy for colds by plant antimicrobial components. Highly effective in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract (tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis). It reduces the risk of complications from colds....
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