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Cleanse and Detox programs

Antiparasitic cleanse and detoxification of the organism with natural plants products.

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Holding Gloryon Gelmostop


Gelmostop program cleans intestines, liver, blood, lymph, destroying up to 100 species of parasites in all stages of their development, helping liver and immune system. It contains completely natural...


Holding Gloryon Gelmostop-mini


Program " Gelmostop-mini " reduces the degree of infestation by many parasites, stimulates anti-parasite immunity, eliminates allergic reactions caused by parasites, is recommended for the prevention...


Holding Gloryon Antiallergic program

Antiallergic program

Anti-allergy program Reduce the symptoms of allergies, support immunity, clearing the digestive tract and liver. has strong anti allergic and immunomodulatory effects helps to relieve allergies...


Holding Gloryon Immune program

Immune program

A full course of strengthening immunity. Formula balance plus First aid for colds, quickly relieves symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose. It stimulates the immune system, it helps counter the...


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